This A.P.C. knitted sweater/sweatshirt thing is clean as fuck. FYI "clean as fuck" means it has them good lines lines and an overall minimal aesthetic. Sometimes people will tell me that they can't really understand some of my posts because their too chock full of weird internet slang and random rap lyrics to which I respond, "I prefer to write using the vernacular of our time." That makes me feel like Martin Luther out here nailing my theses to the cathedral door, calling for masses to be spoken in the vernacular. Anyways, A.P.C. makes this hoodie that you should buy because you can't really afford the Kanye collection and even if you could are you really gonna wait in line for that shit? The only thing I wait in line for are Harry Potter roller coasters and for C lattes from Commonwealth. That's my favorite fancy cafe here in metro Detroit. Come through if you wanna see me wearing mesh shorts and a smelly T-shirt while I bang on my keyboard in all caps and drink one $4.50 latte for three hours straight.