If you want to make it in an industry, every single person will tell you to find your "niche." God that shit is annoying. I guess the Four Pins niche is string together tangentially related sentences that may or may not actually be about clothes in the hopes the pageviews will follow. Oh, and be kind of annoying. And straight out of the stylebook: if there's a pun to be made, really ask if it's worth it. This one is. The Niche hooded "Paraguas" jacket from No Man Walks Alone fills its own niche. Actually, more like four: it's hooded, has a drawstring lace-up neck, enormous flap pockets, and it's a popover/anorak/whathaveyou. It checks every box you can think of. This is the upscale drug rug that doesn't look like a drug rug. When I make my American southwest vision quest a reality, this shit will be item numero uno on the packing list. I got my Kokopelli charm and my bear tooth pendant on deck already. Who's got the VW bus?