Have you ever benefitted from something being so traditionally awful looking? Like, you took a 2 to prom so you could look like Jake Gyllenhaal by comparison? That's what these Margiela hiking sneakers can do for you. These boats are so hideous, the rest of your alphet will actually look on point for once. The opalescent gems on the side reflect any hater's glare right back at them, so they can take a long, hard look at their lives and their choices. Fortunately for you, no one bought these at full price—a paltry $865—so you can slide them off the metaphorical shelf and into your cart thanks to Tres Bien's absurd final sale, which knocked them down to a smidge under $220, assuming you're a resident of the Land of the Free.

And because it's Margiela hour, you get two products for the price of one motherfucking pageview. And you already know how seriously we take those. This time, it's a $120 double layer T shirt, also at Tres Bien. If you need a little persuasion to drop some coin on this double layer tee, lemme advocate for the devil real quick: You get two shirts for the price of one! Just like these two posts! #Levels. Not to mention, this immediately negates your entire undershirt lineup. Discard all those basura Merona tees from Target, which have devolved into jizz rags and pop on this existential clothing crisis-inducing tee.

Start with the serious questions: "Why aren't all T-shirts double layered?"

Dig a little deeper: "What does 'undershirt' really mean?"

Then, unwrap the rope around your elbow and exhale: "Now for double layer pants." (These definitely exist.)

There you go.