Guys, you need to own a solid navy blazer. You just do. I know you’re all about that relaxed, casual life. But you are not a professional athlete or someone with a career in a ‘creative field’. And even if you are, you still need a solid navy blazer. I know, I sound like your mom or GQ over here, expounding on the benefits of owning a boring-ass navy blazer. But you need to learn how to incorporate your wardrobe. Right now your closet is in its Warring States Period—how will you ever progress? You own such disparate complete looks that there’s no fundamental path of the Middle Way—that's a Buddhism reference, fam. Get your enlightenment on and wear your tunic underneath this Lardini blazer. That way, you can be that guy wearing a tunic on a date to a restaurant with at least two and a half dollar signs in the Yelp review. At least you put a jacket on, unlike all these other barbarians. Fair warning though homie, I also own a navy Lardini blazer and plenty of tunics, and I will cut a bitch if you show up to my moderately priced bistro in the same outfit.