Damn Needs&Wants is quickly becoming our go-to spot for that nxt lvl fishtail shirting. I know, like, 5 months ago we didn't even know that fishtail shirting was a thing, but that's the beauty of technology. Like, a decade ago, if you told me the government could use my telephone to track my location so accurately they can tell which room in my house I'm in, while other government agencies would be on social medial making jokes about the murder of Tupac and people not being able to afford college, I'd be like, "LOL you prolly right." BUT NOT FUCKING WAY would I have called fishtail shirting. Anyhow, Needs&Wants came v correct with their version 1.0 fishtail flannel, but these linen joints are somehow even more perfect. Get your trigger fingers ready for that July 17th drop.