After having his photo of a nude Louvre statue removed by Facebook three minutes after it was posted, Peter Kaaden created a series of censored images to play within the rules of the social media site, while also commenting on the absurdity of the situation.  

"It's the Louvre and Facebook is censoring probably the most important art on this planet," he told Dazed. "That's why I decided to create my first non-100% photography series and make the Louvre Facebook-friendly in 2014. I think it's important to show how Facebook is working – it doesn't make sense for somebody to decide what the difference is between porn, nudity and art."

In their article, Dazed points out that Facebook does allow certain levels of nudity, including "photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo's David or family photos of a child breastfeeding," but their action against Kaaden doesn't support that. "I understand the rules of Facebook, but I think there has to be more than just one person who says no to nipples, vaginas and penises," the photographer said. "There are horrible things on Facebook that don't get deleted because they don’t show these simple things."

To see the rest of the series, head over to the Dazed Digital link below.

[via Dazed