Monday morning is the perfect time to remember you have no tangible skills and this Patrik Ervell "Mechanics Jacket" does just that. For the fellas who spent the entire weekend on a Netflix bender during the day and a bender of the booze variety at night, you get to look like you might have changed some oil in your off time. Erv Gotti also offers a little something for the guys stuck between aesthetics—and don't we all know the pain of the switch up—with the 100% Japanese cotton selvedge in a railroad stripe pattern for anyone still stuck in their 2009's workwear period. You gotta break out of that shit like Picasso dumped the Blue Period, homie. There's a difference between a routine and a rut. If you're really trying to put on for your nonexistent set, some superficial sludge splotches would put you over the top and maybe elicit a few peak grease monkey catcalls next time you leave the house.