You guys, back in high school, I went on a trip to Minnesota to visit relatives and we stopped at the Mall of America. That mall is so ungodly large and full of terribleness that they had TWO Abercrombie & Fitch stores in the same fucking mall. I only know this because this was right about the time that they introduced a mock turtleneck sweater and I wanted it really badly. But the only one they had at the first store was on the mannequin and I do not fuck with pre-worn clothing. So, they sent me to the other location next to an Annie's Pretzels and I copped a gray mock neck that had a really tasteful logo on the sleeve. I came back to school that year straight up fucking stunting on lames. The best part? I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO WEAR A TIE.  This song was playing as I entered AP Modern European History even though it was written, like, 15 years after the fact. Anyways, this Saint Laurent roll neck made me think of all that.