How much camping do you do? None? OK, how much camping to you want to do? Also none? OK, how much camping do you want to look like you do? A fuckton? That's more like it. And that's why Manastash is your new favorite faux-outdoorsy, campwear, urban mountaineering brand. You could set up camp on the top of Mt. Fuji and just vibe out for like, ever, man. The outerwear is light, packable, doesn't wrinkle and comes in color schemes only your uncle would find suitable. A little bit of Engineered Garments shines through (doesn't it always) with the variety of baseball shirts, there's some Arc'teryx on the asymmetrical windbreakers and even a bit of homonym Maharishi influence with the zippered shirts and varsity-collared overshirts. The, quite literally, wavy tees are lined with performance material that work great for the most active of lifestyles, or to absorb your food sweats after enjoying a big plate of nachos on the couch. Pack up the franks and beans, bruh. We're heading out to the country, Into The Wild style. You're gonna be one good looking corpse when we definitely don't make it back.