Look here, brands, I'm not payed to hang around and criticize your names—just your products. That's not my lane. I let others take care of that. But for this one, I have to make an exception. Long Journey, come on, guys. There had to be something else better from the brainstorming session that you could have picked. Also, there's next to nill about you on the 'net. Maybe I'm just super Internet savvy and a super cool #influencer and #trendspotter and got in on the ground floor as I found you at Nomad in Toronto, but social media presence is everything! Didn't you read my post yesterday about brand awareness?

Cliff's notes (LOL @ their being a dude out there named Cliff who needs notes on menswear): Long Journey was started in 2012 and is based in L.A., producing modern looks with vintage fabric, kinda like an American Maharishi, if you will. That's high praise. Anyways, hopefully this post will up their Klout score and put them on the map because this black bomber with wax coated sleeves scratches the itch few other clothing items can. The body is mesh with suede accents and the sleeve pocket is on the right arm, not the left. Eat it, fashion protocol! Only thing it's missing? Yep, that's right, a double fucking zipper.