Earlier this month, Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested for breaking obscenity laws. Igarashi's Pussy Boat was made from 3D scans of her vagina, scans that she later shared with a few of her supporters online. Sending the "obscene" images temporarily cost the artist her freedom, though she maintained that there was nothing profane about her work and that she just wanted to "make pussy more casual and pop."

The incident sparked debate around the world about Japan's weird censorship laws (that don't seem to apply to all forms of entertainment). The Daily Show's Jon Stewart recently spoke about the topic and hilariously pointed out some pretty important double standards as only he could. "I don't get how a country chiefly famous for superior technology, and let's call it 'creative sexuality,' has seen the perfect combination of those two talents and decided, 'No, that's too far,'" said Stewart on last night's show. As usual, Stewart presents the news and makes solid points while wrapping the issues in well-written dick jokes that keep the conversation light for his audience. Check out the video below:


Megumi Igarashi still faces time in prison and huge fines if convicted, according to The Guardian. We hope the international attention that this story has received results in a positive outcome for the artist and a serious overhaul of Japan's obscenity laws.

[via The Week]