When Jay Z needs a new hair cut, he flies out celebrity barber Johnny Cake. Cake has been jetted off to Romania, Brazil, and Japan just to give Jay a fresh shape up. The New Jersey-based barber has blessed clients like Pharrell, Fabolous, and Joe Budden with his highly sought-after chops. His Twitter bio even reads: "If I ain't cut 'em ..He ain't hot!" But when it comes to tough tasks, like saving LeBron James' hairline, Cake recently told VFiles that even his skills couldn't fix that.

"LeBron at this point might be a little too far gone," he says. "But if I was cutting it early, I think I would be preserving his hair, fading around what he's got going on now...I'm like anti-pushing hairlines back."

Can someone actually save Bron Bron's poor hairline? Still unclear. In the meantime, let the hairline memes live on because they're too hilarious.  

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[via VFiles]