Do you remember when Gitman Bros. Vintage was that new new? I remember one time I showed up at a proto-influencer gathering at a bar-resto in NYC with a regular ol' Gitman Bros. shirt on and Schlossman would barely talk to me because my shirt wasn't that Gitman Vintage shit. But whatever, I got the last laugh because now he's my boss and he has to deal with my bullshit and incomprehensible tangents. Anyways, this particular Gitman Vintage shirt is dope because it's a linen popover. If you have a drinking game designed around Four Pins, then you best believe "linen popover" calls for, like, a shot AND a beer because I write about them a lot and you need to get drunk because life is an inexorable series of increasingly heartbreaking and soul crushing defeats and disappointments. That's why God invented narcotics.