Parabellum’s new day bag shits all over the inferior backpack you’ve been lugging around.

Made from hand-cut leather in Los Angeles, the bag is both incredibly strong and functional. The spacious master compartment includes an internal zip pocket as well two external sleeves for extra storage. There is also a removable shoulder strap, adjustable cinch strap, and permanent handles to give you carrying options for your daily commute.

The features alone might be enough to convince you that you need this item. But you better have some coined saved up. This bag is made from free-range bison, technical ceramic, and plush suede lining, resulting in a cost of $2,650.

So if you’re looking to replace your gear, head over to Parabellum’s website to select from the black, navy, and pumpkin variations. Just make sure you have enough money left to at least feed yourself until your next paycheck.