Wow, this is the second pair of trousers I've posted about this week. I'm like that guy you know who used to be cool, but since he had a kid he just keeps telling you about really boring things that happened to him at work. Nobody fucking cares that your laptop bluescreened on you in the middle of a quarterly review presentation, Mike. I genuinely do not want to hear about that shit. No bueno. Except, instead of PowerPoint presentation mishaps, I'm all about potential luxury trouser acquisitions.

These Neil Barrett tapered wool-blend flannel cargo trousers are exactly what they say on the tin. They have those really big, cool cargo-style pocket flaps along the leg, but also that wildly unexpected elasticated cuffing at the ankle. I definitely fuck with that smart athletic mash-up shit. $670 jogger pant-trouser hybrids? Gnarly, brah. Pair these tingalings with some really thick grey socks and those Air Maxes Skylar is in love with.

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