On July 8, Cuban artist Arlés del Rio's Nearness installation will disrupt pedestrian traffic in Times Square as a part of the Times Square Arts program, in partnership with the Cuban Artists Fund. The installation is made of 17 galvanized steel, concrete, and iron sculptures, each with a cut-out in the shape of a human silhouette. 

In a press release, the artist said that the installation "deals with restrictions, distance, the forbidden, how what you long for can be achieved despite impediments." Tim Tompkins, the president of the Times Square Alliance, says that the del Rio's installation "demonstrates the continued need for individuals to break through barriers, both literally and metaphorically, in order to create a greater sense of acceptance and togetherness. We felt his work has particular resonance at a time of reconstruction in Times Square, when portions of the Square are off limits. Del Rio allows us to invert the notion of restriction by making his fences symbolic gateways for people.”  

Nearness will be installed in different parts of Broadway Plaza and Duffy Square according to the schedule laid out here. If you check it out and take photos, make sure you tag us on Instagram and Twitter.