Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of Kickstarter projects because they are always lame ass denim companies. FUCK YOUR NASCENT DENIM LINE, YA HERBS. But this Aer duffel pack is fucking dope, guys. The more I hang out with fashion dudes in New York, the more I realize that it's cool to workout. I personally hate working out, but I'm trying to remain a fixture in this cultural landscape we're crafting here, so I'm starting to at least buy workout accoutrement. And a good gym bag is fucking essential. This one has a separate compartment for your shoes/dirty clothes, which is fucking key. If you buy a duffel bag without a shoe compartment I hope to fucking Moses you're carrying kilos, cash and/or firearms because what is the point of a duffel bag if you can't keep your brand new Flyknits safely cocooned in their own zippered compartment? While I'd like to think I'd use this bag for my strength lab sessions and maybe my daily commute, I'm really just trying to use this as a dope ass carry-on bag for all my dope ass weekend trips that I never go on because I spend that money on dope ass expensive travel accessories. But enough about me, get your ass over to Kickstarter and back this shit because you never contribute to charity and we all know you're just gonna pretend that you didn't get your friend's Facebook invite to support his project to provide nutritious school lunches to inner city kids.