Are you like me? When you scroll through an endless list of top-quality jawnz, do you sometimes come across one so righteous you're forced to admit you could never wear it, even if you had multiple lifetimes to try? That's what happened when I saw this Lanvin Technical Blouson. Blousons are God's greatest work. They're the perfect silhouette, light enough to be your workhorse outerwear across three seasons, and they look good on almost anyone. Plus, this thing is predominantly made of new-fangled "triacetate," which according to some quick Google-fu, means nary a wrinkle will present itself. It also prevents you making the feature film, "Honey I Shrunk the $2,500 Jacket I Just Bought" with super-shrink resistant technology. Fortunately, it's sale season and it's uber-reduced to $539, just this side of affordable. With all the knick knacks—like the zippered cuffs, hip pocket, and little tabby at the bottom of the zipper, I'm sure you can convince yourself that you are, in fact, worthy of such a garment (even though you're not).