Remember Jaden Smith's strange Batman costume? Yes, the same one he wore to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding. 

If you've been wondering why the celebrity kid/actor opted for that over a black tuxedo, Kris Jenner explains. And what momma Jenner had to say was pretty hilarious. We'll let it speak for itself. 

Did you ever find out why Jaden wore that batman outfit to the wedding?
Kris Jenner: "It was kind of fabulous. When I saw him, I’m like…I love him so much. He’s got a cute personality, and some humor in him too. He’s really a cool guy. [editor's note: EYE-ROLL] When I saw him, I thought…Only he could pull this off, it was fantastic. But the next day, I lost my shoes…so I saw him in the lobby…I wore Jaden’s batman shoes home."

Here's Kris wearing Jaden's "Batman shoes":

[via Miss Info]

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