Inspired by traditional band patches, Nicos Livesey, of the London metal band Throne, and animator Tom Bunker hit the sewing machines and pumped out 45 million stitches. For "Tharsis Sleeps," a new song from Throne, the duo created the first ever frame-by-frame embroidered music video.

The music video is a sci-fi journey with satellites flying through the sky and celestial bodies exploding in space. Through multicolored stitches of thread, it tells the story of the band's trip to Mars, where they plan to drop a volcano on the planet to make it inhabitable. 

Livesey and Bunker sewed each frame of the video using industrial sewing machines, a tedious process that took between seven and eight months of work and required them to get help from Kickstarter. 

“I completely ruined any kind of social life,” Livesey told Dazed about making the video. “I haven’t spoken to anyone in the past few months. This is the most ridiculously stupid idea.” Stupid or not, the result is one amazing music video.

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[via Dazed

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