For most people going about their days, it may be easy to tune out or disregard what's happening in the world around them, but street photographers are trained to think and act otherwise. This Thursday, the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society will be putting on "Sidewalks," a group exhibition of gritty, candid photographs by San Francisco-based photographers Brian BrophyBrandon DoranDave RootOscar SantosReynaldo CayetanoTroy Holden, and Chris Beale.

The featured photographers have turned their lenses toward the streets and local citizens of their hometown, capturing powerful moments that others might ordinarily overlook. 

Image via San Francisco Museum and Historical Society / Photo by Reynaldo Cayetano

"Sidewalks" opens this Thursday, June 19, 2014 at the museum's Old Mint and will be on view through Aug. 17.

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