Man, I guess we weren't kidding when we said long shirts are the new wave. THIS IS A REAL ACTUAL THING, GUYS. Shit, we really need to be careful with our new-found powers. If not, we'll fuck up and make JNCOS cool again. DON'T BELIEVE ME? JUST WATCH. I MEAN, IT'S BAD ENOUGH THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO WILL TEVAS INTO EXISTENCE. THAT SHIT WILL NOT STAND. But I'm glad we made long shirts cool. Now I won't be the only one who has to answer questions like, "How do you poop in those, bro?" PUH-LEASE, MY ENTIRE CAREER IS STEADY SHITTING ON THE COMPETITION. I HAVE ZERO DIFFICULTIES DEFECATING IN ANY OF MY ALPHETS. Anyways, if you live in Los Angeles or Williamsburg or certain pockets of any city in any state, you probably will wear a flannel shirt way too deep into spring and summer, so you might as well make it this Needs & Wants "Fishtail Flannel." Or, just buy it now and ice it 'til fall. Psych, this is the Internet, icing shit for six months is fucking impossible.