Melbourne-based fashion house Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) has just unveiled its latest T-shirt collection labled “Acid Poem,” reassuring the trippy-inclined everywhere that the psychedelic aesthetic is anything but dead.

Inspired by music producer Trevor Horn’s “Moments in Love,” the line features three monochromatic tees illustrated with a collage of striking graphics and texts—essentially serving as an ode to “visual poetry.” But if you're all about the monochromatic, don’t be put off by the psychedelic undertones of the line. This run shelves the colorful kaleidoscope effect in favor of a toned-down black-and-white color scheme—preventing the collection from becoming too bright, and deftly executing a balance between sharp streetwear and fine art.

The limited “Acid Poem” run drops June 6 and is available online as well as select retailers.

[via Hypebeast]