Justin Timberlake is currently on the "20/20 Experience World Tour." For the latter half of his eleven month trip across the globe, JT has called upon famed English designer Neil Barrett to update his wardrobe. In a recent interview with British GQ, Barrett talks about his relationship with Timberlake, what he admires about his style, and describes what the singer will be wearing on the road through December. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.

On What he admires about Timberlake's style:
"We get on very well and it's great he's supporting what we do. His approach is very much in sync with our approach to fashion. We like to mix sartorial elements with streetwear - that's what we do best - and I feel that's a very much a part of him and his music. His music is a mix of street and more classic soul - that's what makes it interesting and current. He just makes anything look relevant - he's also just a great guy. There's nothing more pleasing in life than someone who knows what they like and they can vocalise it - and you have it on your rack!"

On when he first started dressing Timberlake:
"He started out wearing our stuff back in the '4 Minutes' video with Madonna [in 2008] and over the years he's bought things on a personal basis. Last summer it came to a head when he was dressing for the tour he did with Jay Z. He called me up when I was on holiday and asked for a selection of looks that he ended up wearing for the entire tour, changing from Tom [Ford] to this more urban, less classical image."

On what Timberlake will be wearing on his tour:
"Well there's a whole series based on these thunderbolt [motifs] that I presented for autumn/winter [2014] that he's already worn in a few places like Abu Dhabi, Istanbul and Morocco. He has suiting with the thunderbolts sewn in as jacquard and there's a whole series of shirts, shorts and sweatpants with it."

On who he thinks are other stylish musicians:
"Frank Ocean looks great - again he has some of our pieces so I'm going to say he looks good! Tinie Tempah also works a lot of fashion brands and tries out lots of different styles. He's on it, he likes to see everything and he's into the style scene." 

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[via British GQ