Alison Jackson, the artist whose website is a spoof of the Daily Mail, and the genius behind the hilarious fake-Kanye West and fake-Kim Kardashian print, recently had a photo shoot that brought back the fake couple as newlyweds on their honeymoon to promote the new Travel Channel show RV Rampage.

Fake West and Kardashian are photographed popping champagne, taking selfies, and living the good life in their camper by the water. The models resemble the real Ye and Kim enough to make the photos almost-believable and very funny. Since we will probably never see what really went down on their honeymoon, seeing Yeezy play Kim a song on his acoustic guitar while she cooks sausages over a campfire will have to do (and we actually prefer this narrative over the real deal).

Head to Jackson's website to see the rest of the photo shoot and to read the perfect descriptions that the photographer has written for each one.

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[via AlisonJackson]