"A long awaited postcard" from the prolific, Australian-born artist, "UNTOLD" was James Reka's first show in Australia since he left his hometown of Melbourne for Berlin. It seems fitting that the recent exhibition also took place in Backwoods Gallery, where hundreds of people gathered to see off Reka before his move to Europe two years ago.

His latest exhibition, which opened on June 6 and ran through June 15, is Reka's attempt at documenting the many scenes from his new home in Germany. After a much-lauded exhibition in San Francisco and a contribution to Art Basel Miami Beach last year, Reka went back to Berlin in the middle of the winter. For months, while the rest of Berlin's citizens were in hibernation, Reka observed the local people and traversed Berlin's streets and abandoned factories for found objects, on which Reka painted many of his large paintings.

"[UNTOLD] was a celebration of life in a city stirring from hibernation, of cherry blossoms and of society taking to the streets," the press release reads. It was also the homecoming of one of Australia's finest contemporary artists, complete with a mural too. Click through to see some of the works that had been on display.

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