While some artists prefer working on a large canvas, Hasan Kale feels more comfortable when the surface that he is painting on is about the size of a thumbnail. The microartist spends his days painting with a very small brush on incredible small objects like alligator teeth, butterfly wings, and coated candies.

His paintings on food are interesting because they are small, but also because of the strange surfaces that he chooses. From onion peels to plantain slices, we're not sure how Kale manages the level of detail that he puts into his work, but we are thoroughly impressed and twice as hungry looking at these photos. The artist once said that his "new goal is to paint a silhouette of Istanbul on a strand of hair." We would say that's impossible, but if anyone can, it would be Hasan Kale.

Head to his Facebook page to see more of his incredible skill.

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[via Colossal]

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