I'm not gonna lie, I wish this Paul Smith sweatshirt was quilted all over instead of just the chest panel. Slight critiques like that are the types of thing you say when you're at a real life fashion show. More specifically, you say them only after you've spoken to the PR rep that actually got you a seat at the show. Make sure you wear a OCBD underneath this sweatshirt and make sure you leave it untucked. That right there was my go-to right after school look. I went to a prep school that had a fairly strict dress code, but sometimes this one girl that I had a huge crush on that drove a red Jeep Cherokee would be like, "Hey, let's all eat at a Big Boy and just hang out for, like, two hours" and I wouldn't have time to go home, so I'd ditch the tie, throw on a sweatshirt, untuck my shirt and BOOM I LOOKED AMAZING. Imagine this look, but with J. Crew Giant Fit chinos. What y'all motherfuckers know about J. Crew Giants? THEY WERE JUST LIKE REGULAR J.CREW KHAKIS, ONLY GIGANTIC. I still don't understand how that girl didn't propose to me on sight. I LOOKED FUCKING AMAZING.