Sometimes you don't have to know the songs on an album to recognize it because the cover art is so good. A contest on DesignCrowd asked designers to Photoshop their own versions of iconic album covers for a chance to win some cash.

A total of 87 creatives from around the world submitted designs, rethinking the art direction for albums by musicians including Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Spice Girls, and Queen. The winning design was one submitted by GusDesign and was a Warholian take on U2's Pop.

Fans of the original album covers (and their designers) may not appreciate the work that the designers have done to their beloved covers, but it is interesting to see which designs got the most love (GusDesign's cover uses the same style as the original with a different layout and a more recent photo of the band.) Check out a few of the other redesigns above and share your opinions in the comment section below.

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[via DailyBeast]