Gentry's editorials are always way too fye. I cry every time they drop a new one to be honest (rt if u cri everytiem) because they are so beautiful. Like, they have all the elements of dope menswear editorials and then some. Old guy? Check. Said old guy looking crazy pensive? Accurate. Dimly lit, ominous setting? Yurp. V rare garments and reverse layering type shit? You betcha. Yo, if you're out there and related to this old man, you should feel proud. Your dad/grandpa/uncle is a fucking legend. Not only does he kill it in a long shirt, but I can tell he's really dope at, like, wood working or something. Plus, he wears pinky rings and doesn't look like an asshole wearing them. Besides the whole dying thing being an old dude seems fucking great.