Florida-based artist Cameron Moll re-imagines architectural structures as if they were constructed entirely from letters. His previous projects include the Colosseum and the Salt Lake Temple, but now he’s turned his attention to the Brooklyn Bridge.

To accomplish this difficult feat, Moll began by choosing a photo of the icon to use as a blueprint. He then nailed down the colors of the limestone and granite used to create the bridge. Moll used Adobe Illustrator to tediously position, size, and rotate each letter in the artwork.

The finished product will be a letterpress poster of the bridge. If you look closely at the work he’s done so far, you can make out the names of the bridge’s lead engineers, the surnames of workers who perished during the bridge’s construction, and some Brooklyn hotspots. Every detail is carefully accounted for (even the typefaces he chose have important meanings), and his printer has been thoroughly vetted.

To cover the costs of printing, Moll created a Kickstarter campaign that easily met its initial goal. In response to overwhelming approval, Moll set a second monetary goal ($60,000) and promises a special behind-the-scenes booklet to every donor that gives more than $80.

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