Governors Ball. Bonnaroo. Firefly. June has been a crazy month for Chicago-native Chance The Rapper, as he has been just about everywhere. And as you’d expect from the 21-year-old rapper, festivals and the energy they provide aren’t lost on Chance.

“Performing is, like, my thing,” he says. “I love making music. I love listening to music. But performing music for people, that’s what my life is right now.”

Having recently relocated to the sunny streets of Los Angeles, a change of wardrobe was due. So Chance and Complex teamed up to create a shoppable Style Diary for Dockers that features some of the looks CTR will be sporting in his new Hollywood home.

But all work and no play would make Chance a dull rapper—something he clearly is not. So, behind the scenes on the shoot, he seized every opportunity to have a little fun. From taking the photographer’s bike for a spin around the block—and definitely catching the attention of the neighbors—to poppin’ off some retro Michael Jackson-esque dance moves in-between setups, Chance definitely made the most of the day, on camera and off. And those who were on set soon learned that the one thing Chance may be better at than rapping is hugging. True story.