Astrid Andersen has most definitely created a passionate fanbase that goes nuts for her athletically-inspired menswear that always messes with the existing norms of silhouette and materials. The Danish-born designer has always looked to hip-hop and basketball to form collections that are equally hyper-masculine and elegant. For her spring/summer 2015 show presented during London Collections: Men, Andersen looked to another sport entirely: sumo wrestling.

While visiting Japan, Andersen told that she saw the way Japanese guys were wearing her gear, and how they styled it completely differently than how she envisioned her clothing being worn. The usual favorites from Andersen were there, including vibrantly colored velour tracksuits, oversized tops, and flowing pants that remind any former athlete of their trust warm-ups. The sumo influence came in the form of kimono-style jackets, aprons called "kesho-mawashi," which wrestlers wear into the sumo ring, and enormous billowing robes that give both sumo wrestlers and Andersen's models an air of superheroism. Some pieces were definitely created solely for the runway, but as Andersen's name spreads among streetwear heads and the high-fashion conscious alike, expect to see this gear frequently next spring.