Australian artist Anthony Lister will have his first solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery beginning June 28. The show, called “Power Tripping,” will feature works that exhibit a technique the artist calls adventure painting, an avant garde practice that incorporates chance and accident. The works on view are marked by Lister's iconic loose, energetic style, reminiscent of Expressionism. They employ vibrant colors, streaky dripwork, spray paint, and blunt brush strokes. This series depicts many comic superheroes and villains, complete with masks, capes, and gloves, in emotive stances or in the midst of action.

This exhibition, like many of Lister's works, has socio-political undertones. “Authoritarian bullies have ruled civilizations for centuries. Over time, the whip has been replaced with the sword and the sword replaced with the gun. Chains have been traded for handcuffs and our common sense traded for common dollars,” reads the press release.

"Power Tripping" will be on display from June 28 through July 26 at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Additionally, the artist plans to paint a public mural in lower Manhattan for the LISA Project NYC and release a hand-embellished print and a bronze sculpture.

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