For most of his life, astrophotographer Laurent Laveder has been fascinated with objects in the sky. When he was 15 years old, an age when "most boys are interested in girls," he discovered astronomy. Since then, he has journeyed to Mexico for the 1991 solar eclipse, studied craters in Algeria, and traveled to the southern skies to see Halley's comet. That was where Laveder dabbled in astrophotography for the first time. His more recognizable photographs, however, didn't require the astronomer-turned-photographer to travel far. All it took was a bit of imagination and some props.

His "Moon Games" photo series, which has actually been circulating the Internet for a while, transforms the celestial body right outside our window into a photo prop. Laveder manipulates the perspective of his lens to capture these dreamlike photos of what looks like people playing with the moon. Check them out above, and see the rest of his photos here

[via BoredPanda]

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