In a creative new series, New York-based painter and printmaker James Haggerty paid homage to the iconic film series Star Wars using thousands and thousands of staples. The artist has created remarkably life-like mosaics of Darth Vader, C-3PO, and Greedo by meticulously stamping mutli-colored metal pieces onto painted boards measuring 40 x 32 inches. The dark paint provides a filler for the negative space in each mosaic and also functions as a stark backdrop for the vibrant staples. The three characters, Darth Vader (10,469 staples), C-2PO (33,580 staples), and Greedo (21,458 staples) puts the project’s total staple count at a staggering 65,507. Here’s to hoping Office Max has some kind of rewards program.

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[via Juxtapoz]