The Bureau Belfast is a store that I would really like to visit in person one day. They seem to stock every single brand I want, but can't really afford and Belfast seems like a cool place to check out. But I would feel really guilty basically going all the way to Belfast just to go shopping for some Engineered Garments, especially since The Bureau is nice enough to send me the clothes in exchange for money I don't have. This EG Workaday Lafayette shirt is made exclusively for The Bureau Belfast. It's got a subtle shawl collar and that dope hip pocket on the back. Rear hip pockets are so crucial despite being never utilized to carry anything. If I owned a quaint cheese shop in rural Belfast, I'd totally keep the shop keys and a fancy knife to slice samples for customers in the back pocket. Instead, I'll just put my house keys back there, get in my car and feel the sharp pain of a set of keys stabbing me in the kidney.