The brand Rap Shirts for White People is pretty self-explanatory. For about $20 to $30, you can show everyone how in touch and witty you are without having to be in touch nor witty. While lame, some of these are admittedly kinda funny. Started from the top? Lol, white privilege. On the other hand, anyone wearing one of these is most assuredly a cocky jerkass who trivializes actual problems (like white privilege) and is the loudest dude at the BBQ out-shouting anyone who disagrees with when he thinks the steaks are done.

Plus, some of the styles can be construed as a little offensive. It may be kind of a stretch, but, for example, isn't it weird that the shirt that says "My Self-Respect Brings All the Boys to the Yard," which, being for white people," implies that the positive notion of self-respect is exclusive to its white wearer? If these are shirts for white people, then what does it assume shirts for non-white people would say? Regardless of what you think or what slander you leave in the comments, there's no getting around the fact that you kinda suck if you wear these, but at least you'll start a conversation as you puff out your chest in a Rap Shirt for White Person tee (now sleeveless) and bellow for another Natty Light.

[via BroBible]