Although Pablo Delgado has gained a cult following in his current home of London, a bystander wandering through the streets of Shoreditch still might miss the Mexican artist's paste ups. In case you aren't familiar with him, Delgado is a master of the mini whose works depict and reduce gritty scenes from daily life to their smallest expression possible. In the artist's upcoming "Even Less" show at Howard Griffin Gallery, Delgado minimizes his images even further, hence the name of the exhibition.

"Even Less" will feature a new body of work from the artist as well as a massive installation he's still working on currently. Since we haven't seen actual photos of the space or installation yet, we can only tell you that "Delgado investigates the corresponding qualities of negative and positive space present in his work," using an installation which emphasizes absence "in order to give meaning to presence," according to the press release. Essentially, less is more.

Context is always key in Delgado's images, just as we've seen with his street art. His mixed media works bring together seemingly unrelated caricatures and objects which are them positioned against a background or in a new, thought provoking way. Click through the images above to see for yourself.

The show opens next Thursday, May 15, 2014 and will be on view until June 8, 2014.

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