If you're just graduating from college, first and foremost, congrats on making it out alive. Right now, you're either totally elated because you've already copped a real world job or in full-on panic mode because, well, you totally bricked it and are basically fucked. But luckily for you, Fashionista is here to help. See, they just published a list entitled "What You Need To Know To Get A Job Out Of Fashion School," so you're fucking golden. Their advice is thoughtful, truly groundbreaking and definitely not totally fucking obvious and patronizing. With their handy guide, you will have a career in no time. From "Take The Time To Learn The Market" to "Know How To Market Yourself," their advice will put you on the fast track to becoming the next Alexander Wang or Anna Wintour in no time.

The truth is, kids in fashion don't need career advice. They just went to college for 4 years and likely indebted themselves for life simply for the chance to be so lucky as to make it in this industry. They know what they're good at and they know their business. It is, after all, what they live for. What they need are JOBS. Fashionista would rather sit on their high horse, dolling out platitudes as genuine wisdom, thinking they're doing some sort of public service. Fuck that noise. You want to help, Fashionista? How about bringing some of these graduates on board for full-time gigs? Because while "Intern, Intern, Intern" might be easy to say when you're already getting a paycheck twice a month, it's something many of these kids simply can't afford.