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More great news for people who love free access to art collections online (which is everyone). The Metropolitan Museum of Art has just announced that nearly 400,000 digital images of works in the public domain can now be downloaded, free-of-charge, directly from the museum's website.

Works tagged with the acronym OASC (Open Access for Scholarly Content) are available for use, as long as your intentions are non-commercial (details provided here). "Through this new, open-access policy, we join a growing number of museums that provide free access to images of art in the public domain," says museum director and CEO Thomas P. Campbell. "I am delighted that digital technology can open the doors to this trove of images from our encyclopedic collection.”  

Included in that list of institutions that currently provide free access to images of art are the Getty, the British Library, the National Gallery of Art, LACMA, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and a few others. That's well over a million images at your fingertips and you don't have to pay a dime. You're welcome.

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[via Met Museum]