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Damn, Nick Wooster has A LOT of clothes. I mean, that shit was pretty obvious considering dude is rarely seen wearing the same thing twice, but still, damn. Tightly tucked into his West Village apartment is an arsenal of jawnz that could make even casual fans of menswear weep. It's jackets upon jackets, shirts upon shirts, shoes upon shoes, and then some (read: a shit ton) more of all of that. The Coveteur recently photographed Wooster's never-ending wardrobe, giving us a peek into what is, ultimately, the story of Nick Wooster. That's not to say Wooster is wholly defined by his clothing, but for Nick, his clothes are most definitely a reflection of his personal journey much more than they are for the average person, as they capture such specific times and interests in his life. It's not that a jacket or a hat captures an era, but a very, very narrow window—a fleeting moment, if you will. Take a look at the highlights above and read the full story here.