Stampd LA makes these Céline-inspired swim trunks, so that you will look as cool as possible on vacation. Usually, I don't give a fuck about bathing suits because it's not like the guy bringing me piña coladas gives a fuck about my alphet (s/o to crazy high levels of vanity), but these may change all that, especially considering I'm trying to get off these 'Grams and admit to the fact that I want some thots to be all "OMG YOUR BATHING SUIT IS SO COOL!" just so I can reply in some sort of dick, nonchalant way like "LOL nah." Replying "nah" to anything on social media is pretty much the Internet equivalent of giving someone the middle finger in real life, which is why you need to include the "LOL" so you can still float into DMs at a later date if you so choose.