Minotaur based this jacket on the U.S. Navy rain parka. I'll take their word for it because the U.S. military has made a lot of fucking parkas over the years and I'm too lazy to verify the sales copy on this one. You're probably just staring at the crazy lacing system on this joint and thinking that Robin Hood-chic still isn't ready for the mainstream. But, listen, I've been seeing this style placket on more than, like, 5 jackets this season, which means this look is one cool street style star away from becoming an actual look. REMEMBER WHEN WE ALL MADE FUN OF GROWN MAN HATS AND NOW WE ALL ARE SECRETLY TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO PULL THEM OFF? We're definitely all gonna be lacing up our parkas and pullovers in 4 months. Don't worry, you can tie this jacket up once and forget about it thanks to the diagonal zipper JUST LIKE THIS SUPER SICK PAIR OF SNEAKERS I HAD BACK IN THE DAY THAT HAD BOTH ZIPPERS AND LACES. SWAG.