Damn, Leon is out here making tees that not only look cooler than yours, but make cooler references than yours. What is The Last Splash, you ask? ONLY THE BREEDER'S SECOND ALBUM. But you probably already knew that. I mean, they sold, like, a million units. Even Pitchfork likes that album. I have such a soft spot for female fronted bands from the '90s. I remember my older cousin went to Lollapalooza and came back all, "OMG YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE BREEDERS AND L7 OR ELSE YOU'RE A FUCKIN LAME." To which my 12-year-old self was like, "Self, let's listen to some Breeders and L7." And I did before going, "WHOA." But ever since I've only been really into girls that kind of intimidate me. Like, not only are they way cooler than me, but they do way more dangerous things than I do and their houses/recording studios get raided by the police and they wear big, clunky combat boots and then when they get older they're still kinda aggro, but they're also into cold pressed juices and yoga, which is way more my speed than heroin and 50 city tours.