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Although tattoos are becoming more accepted in the work place, with the mainstream changing its perception on body art as a whole, there are still people who hide their tattoos from the public. Some do so because their jobs require it, others simply prefer to do so.

Photographer Spencer Kovats gave hundreds of tattooed individuals the chance to take off their layers and flaunt their ink for the world to see. His project "Uncovered" juxtaposes two photos of his subjects. In the first image, models stand dressed as usual, their intricate tattoo designs invisible beneath their clothes. In the second, everything is exposed. The subjects strip down to reveal massive canvases that divulge a deeper part of their identities. 

Kovats' photo project is just one of many. Back in 2010, he and 10 other photographers took part in "The Tattoo Project," which saw hundreds of tattoo-clad people travel and pose inside a share studio space. Thousands of portraits were captured and even published in a 2012 book. Soon, there will also be a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to funding a documentary of "The Tattoo Project." In the meantime, click through to see some of Kovat's colorful images.

[via HuffPo]

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