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London-based artist Jon Nash designed a mobile app named Slight that allows users to leave and view anonymous comments at geotagged locations like museums, bars, or parks. In describing the app and its purpose to Hans Ulrich Obrist, Nash says that it "can be used to talk with the people around you or just add thoughts or notes to places. Anonymity is a big part of it but it’s more about organising information by location instead of social group."

Nash explains that the concept for the app came from the idea that there have been people who have had similar thoughts about a place or situation as you do, but "in that place at that time there was a conversation that was missing." He and artist/developer Michael Petruzzo began to brainstorm and soon began to observe Los Angeles gang culture and the way that walls are tagged and re-tagged to mark territory.

Nash tells Obrist that the app is "a tool," and that he hopes that people "find a good use" for it. When asked where he sees himself in 5 years, Nash replies: "Somewhere sunny. If Slight still exists it would offer an interesting historical perspective. Nothing gets deleted so scrolling back through old posts would bring up the thoughts and conversations of people at a location over the last 5 years."

Head to 032c to read more of the conversation, and check out the Slight app in the iTunes store.

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[via 032c