For a new show at London's Paradise Row, LA-based artist Eric Yahnker has brought together two of the biggest names in the media: Miley Cyrus and Barack Obama. His work, titled Wrecking Ball, shows the twerking queen flying by the window of the Oval Office in extremely detailed colored pencil. Who knew Miley's hit single would be the inspiration for such titillating fine art?

The work is part of a show, titled "Sticks & Dones," filled with pieces hinged on pop culture. Many of Yahnker's creations are visual puns: a photo of Vladimir Putin crying a tear shaped like the Crimean Peninsula is called Crimea River; a sculpture made of wood carved in the shape of Texas and covered in mesh thongs is called Don't Mesh With Texas.

"Tackling unlikely connections and collisions between paired and contrasting images often with provocative results, 'Sticks & Drones' strives to navigate the muddy, frequently strained gulf between the reception of recent US affairs at home and abroad," reads the press release. This is highbrow/lowbrow at it's finest.

"Sticks & Drones" runs until June 28, 2014 at Paradise Row in London.

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