Have you ever noticed that a good number of young parents wear light hiking boots? You probably have noticed that this societal niche also drives Subarus and champions Community Supported Agriculture. You probably assume these folks don't give two shits about style. But, you know what they say about assumptions, right?

Out in Montana they say "fuck you." The guys at FairEnds produce trail-appropriate garments that equally translate well to weekend strolls through urban farmers markets. In turn, they also produce chocolate, coffee and hot sauce, so, if absolutely necessary, they could quite easily set up a stand at one of the aforementioned weekly events.

The clothes are produced in tandem with San Francisco's Taylor Stitch. Shirts, with mother of pear snaps, are made of shuttle loomed Italian slug chambray. Hipster mom's dig chambray. Shorts are 10oz. duck canvas. Hipster moms also dig duck canvas. The tees have a pocket. Pockets are good for hiding cigarettes.

In the end, FairEnds proves that it's sort of empowering to reach your 30s and throw caution to the wind and buck decorum by rocking shorts again. You can, apparently, dress like a kid when you have kids. You can also, thanks to Fair Ends, do so without disregarding the basic human desire to own decent shit. Thanks, Ben and Martin.