Will Banksy's Mobile Lovers ever leave the spotlight? The controversial work, which seemed to have disappeared from public view, is now front and center again, this time at the Antiques Roadshow.

The youth club who is holding Mobile Lovers had it appraised on the TV program. According to an expert, £400,000 ($669,760) would be a "good deal" for the piece.

The youth club, known as the Broad Plain Boys' Club in Bristol, came to own Mobile Lovers after a series of confused maneuvers. The piece was first spotted on a wall in Bristol and then taken down by the youth club, who turned it over to authorities after receiving death threats. The youth club intended to sell it for much needed funds, and, after a stint in a local museum, Banksy eventually gave Mobile Lovers to The Broad Plain Boys' Club.

When Mobile Lovers appeared on the Antiques Roadshow, despite attempts to keep it quiet, crowds and cameras descended on the treasure. The piece is thought to be worth more than other Banksy works because it comes with a letter the artist delivered to the youth club himself.

"I am looking to sell the Banksy at the highest price, and I just took it down to get an expert opinion," said Dennis Stinchcombe, the leader of the Broad Plain Boys' Club. "I'm not an art dealer and I've got no idea what I am doing. He said it was like everything else - Banksy is an incredibly hard thing to put a price on."

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[via The Telegraph]